Dream Builders Society Breakfast

For over 35 years, Muncie Habitat has stood in defiance against the cycle of poverty and insisted that decent housing matters for everyone. Through new construction, house rehabilitations, home repairs, and partnerships with residents to improve whole neighborhoods, we have helped many within our community to move from simply coping, to reclaiming hope and a better life for themselves and their families.

On April 21, 2022, Muncie Habitat for Humanity hosted almost 500 attendees at our 19th annual Dream Builders Society Breakfast! This signature event offers an indispensable way to share our mission with this community and raise funds for our programs. This event is made possible by our sponsors, who along with very generous in-kind donations, sponsored $18,000 – covering all expenses and provided extra funds for our programs.

Our theme, Now, Because of Then, invited our audience to think about how everyday choices have the power to forever change lives. Examples of the power of forward-thinking, dreaming and doing — in partnership — were spread throughout the morning.

Together, we reflected upon the lives of those who believed and hoped in this mission, this work, this organization. Who planted seeds, who watered, who hoped, who served. Volunteers, donors, partner families and so many others. Others who helped this organization make choices, set trajectories, change course when needed, plan, strategize, and grow. We celebrate their legacies and each of our legacies, our choices -.the ones with will make today and the choices we have already made – to enable a brighter future.

At the event, each attendee was being given a choice. A choice to invest in the future stories of families in our community—by giving to Muncie Habitat for Humanity. Our Dream Builders met this challenge, raising $133,000!

Our Dream Builders make decisions that will impact families for years to come. It is not too late to become part of the Dream Builders Society—and make a three-year pledge. Your decision and commitment today will help our organization continue to serve the most families possible in our community. Make a Pledge Now!