Mid 1970’s:

The Habitat Movement began as an idea in south Georgia and continues to expand across not only the nation but throughout the world. Habitat affiliates build in all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Additionally, Habitat affiliates are in over 70 countries worldwide. Together, more than 1,000,000 houses around the world through Habitat for Humanity and more than 9.8 million people have found strength, stability and independence through safe, decent and affordable shelter.


The Greater Muncie, Indiana Habitat for Humanity had its beginning in early 1986 when the Reverend Fred Dare, Pastor of Community United Church of Christ and one of his parishioners, Sharon Brown, attended a meeting at Eden United Church of Christ to hear Millard Fuller, the founder of Habitat for Humanity International. The meeting inspired 5 people from Muncie, including Dare & Brown to go to a work camp at the Americus, Georgia headquarters of Habitat International.

From that experience, the momentum to organize a Muncie affiliate was born. On July 15, 1986 a task force formed to explore the possibility of establishing a Habitat affiliate in Muncie. Shortly after that, on July 20th, twenty-three Muncie residents went to Lafayette, Indiana to attend a Habitat Home Dedication. At the Dedication, they were able to meet President Jimmy Carter.

“Infectious Habititis” set in and on September 4th a call out meeting took place at the Community U. C. C. where further discussion took place and plans were formulated for formal organization. On September 30th a Board and slate of officers were chosen.

Less than a year after getting the vision for Habitat in Muncie, the group had been given half a city block, consisting of 5 building sites! Two houses were also donated; one on South Walnut and the other on East Jackson Street. By December of that year, the group had been formally recognized as Greater Muncie, Indiana Habitat for Humanity, Inc.


Only a year and a half after the Habitat vision was cast to a few inspired folks in Muncie, the first Habitat home in Muncie was dedicated on April 30, 1988. It was 1,300 square feet in size and the cost was $22,000. The second home was built at 3001 South Jefferson. But unlike the first home, which took a year to build this home was built in a week’s time! A true ‘blitz build’ inspired many new donors, volunteers, and churches.


The organization was a truly all-volunteer force until 1994, when Sharon Brown was named the first Executive Director.


In 1996 office facilities were purchased at 1923 S. Hoyt Ave., where they still remain today.


In April of 2007, Habitat hosted the grand opening of the Habitat ReStore (previously named Home Discount Center), which sells new & used building supplies to the general public which might otherwise end up in a landfill. To date, over $250,000 in profit has been given from the ReStore to support Habitat’s efforts in Delaware County.


In 2011, during the 25th Anniversary year, the 100th Partner Family was served, and the affiliate hosted two representatives from Habitat Bolivia, the long-time partner ‘tithe’ country.


In 2013, a new change came about to Habitat–more families began being served by rehabilitated homes than by new construction homes!


By the end of 2015 Muncie Habitat had served 146 families within Muncie and Delaware County – 106 through new construction, 11 through rehabilitated homes and 29 through home repairs.


Today, Muncie Habitat works to revitalize entire neighborhoods.  The 8-Twelve Coalition was established to bring together residents and organizations around this vision, and to solicit participation and advocate for improvements and investments within neighborhoods.