Eileen Molter, our current Resource Development Director, is leaving us to pursue a career in Elementary School Education. She will be missed, and we are now left to find someone to fill her shoes. If you know anyone with Fundraising, marketing, grant writing, and grants management experience, please direct them to the job description below… read more →

06 Jun 2023
June 6, 2023

The Long-Run

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Have you had the chance to visit South Mulberry Street recently? You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the remarkable transformations that have taken place! As professionals in the field of community development, we constantly remind ourselves that our work is a long-term commitment—a marathon, if you will, rather than a sprint. The impact of a Habitat.. read more →

Building generational wealth encompasses more than just accumulating financial assets; it involves passing down intangible assets like values, memories, and a sense of belonging from one generation to the next. CC and her family exemplify this idea. After living in the same rental house for 16 years, CC dreamed of owning her own home for.. read more →