Women Build 2022

What Makes the Women Build Special?

Our Women Build event provides the opportunity for women to take a proactive step in serving their communities. This September and October, women from all across Delaware County will come together to fundraise and build safe and affordable housing alongside CC on her family’s generational property. 

About CC

Celesia (CC) and her daughter, Princess A’nia (16), are life-long residents of Muncie. CC heard a lot about Muncie Habitat before deciding to apply.

“I heard about Muncie Habitat for years and I saw a few houses going up around town. I always thought to myself that I wanted to be a homeowner. I wanted to show my daughter that she can be a homeowner too.

CC has been living in the same rental home for the past 15 years – paying towards her rent and not building any equity in the home.

“The house we live in now is not well cared for, and I’m just excited to have my own place. I’ll be able to start a garden and do my flowers. The house will also be new and nice and the bills will stay affordable- that’s important to me.”

CC’s dream of homeownership has stuck with her for a long time.

“I applied two times before but got denied. It motivated me to I start working on my credit – and its very much improved.”

Working with Muncie Habitat to become a homeowner wasn’t an easy decision for CC to make, but her faith keeps her optimistic.

“My health isn’t the best and I have a lot of struggles that go along with my condition. I’m ready to go though! God let me get this, so I’m ready to go for it. I’ll be able to have more family over, my family is always welcome to come stay and I’ll be so happy to be able to say I own my own house!”

Women Build 2022

In the case of Women Build, the women who volunteer their time, energy, and talents also provide half the sponsorship for the house. Each woman who participates in the build raises at least $250 to help fund the house. Working together to collect these smaller amounts, the women who volunteer are able to sponsor a portion of the house by themselves! Interested in helping us fund this home? You can donate directly to teams at https://munciehabitat.ficrowd.net/. 

The Women Build fundraising goal for 2022 is $40,000 with each registered team pledging to fundraise a minimum of $2,500.

Are you ready to help? Call (765) 286-5739 or email eoaks@munciehabitat.org to learn how you can make a difference.

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