2021 Annual Report

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  1. Muncie Habitat Completes Campaign for New Administrative and Construction Offices
  2. Under Construction
  3. 2021 Interfaith Build
  4. 2021 Women Build
  5. Pocket Park Gets Expansion
  6. Rosebud Coffee House
  7. Breathing New Life
  8. The Pat Botts Memorial Build
  9. Jefferson St. Transformation
  10. Rocking the Block
  11. Donor List

Muncie Habitat Completes Campaign for New Administrative and Construction Offices

Corresponds to map point 1

Muncie Habitat for Humanity’s “A Home for Habitat” building campaign has exceeded its $900,000 goal thanks to local funders!

In 2021, we launched our first-ever building campaign to raise money for the purchase and renovation of a new office and construction warehouse,” shared Lindsey Arthur, Muncie Habitat CEO. “We believe this move to a larger, improved workspace is timely and necessary – laying the foundation for the future of Muncie Habitat for Humanity.”

Charlie & Claudia Sursa and Jeff & Beth Lang, co-chaired the campaign, sharing the mission and vision of the organization and the desperate need for a new, safe, efficient, and expanded office location.

In total the ‘Home for Habitat’ campaign raised over $955,000 to help purchase and renovate a new office and construction warehouse for Muncie Habitat.

“The new office space will be able to host the entire Muncie Habitat staff under one roof, increasing administrative communication and services to families,” shared Arthur. “On the construction side, we’re looking forward to having ample storage for construction materials, shop space, and a loading dock for safely and efficiently receiving large donations.”

Muncie Habitat plans to be moving to the new location, at 1424 S. Hoyt Ave in early summer 2022.  Muncie Habitat for Humanity ReStore will remain located at 4640 W. Bethel Ave. in Muncie.

“Our supporters dared to dream alongside us- of creating a place where low-income families, neighborhoods and our community can be served for generations to come,” said Arthur. “Thank you for investing in the future of our work and sharing in our mission!”

Under Construction

Corresponds to map point 2

Napoleon, Briana, and their two daughters, Bella (2), and Na-brea (4) are Muncie Habitat’s newest partner family!

The family was first introduced to Habitat’s mission when Napoleon heard about a friend who bought a Habitat home almost 20 years ago, then recently, the idea came back into their lives.

“I was at work 2 years ago and one of my coworkers just got qualified as a Habitat partner family,” Napoleon shared. “I told myself, ‘When I get my debt paid off, I’m going to apply!’ So, I called up the office and went to an informational meeting. We got excited about it from then on.”

After the initial meeting, the family focused on their current financial situation to have a better chance of qualifying for the partnership program.

“The meeting gave us the motivation we needed to pay off some debt,” Briana shared. “We currently live in a trailer that we own, but we still pay lot rent, because it’s not even our land. Right now, we have one bedroom we all sleep in. We’re just excited to have real bedrooms for the girls and have a safe home that is ours – including the property. We want something that is ours and that has value to it, and something we can really afford.”

For Napoleon and Briana, the most important part of homeownership is the gift of a stable future for their daughters.

“We want a place to raise our kids and we wanted them to have a foundation,” they shared. “A home base so they can go to one school. Home means everything. It means stability- a place we can call our own. A place we can feel safe and comfortable. A place for our kids to have constancy. We know that’s a huge thing for kids – is stability – and we’ve talked about this. Now it’s really happening!”

Napoleon and Briana’s home will be the 2022 Interfaith Build home site.



2021 Interfaith Build

Corresponds to map point 3

In 2021 Muncie Habitat for Humanity worked together with the Muncie community to build homes, unity, and hope through Interfaith Build.

Interfaith Build is an opportunity for all faith groups to come together as one, united for one common cause – HUMANITY. The Interfaith Build program is bringing together congregations and communities from a variety of traditions to volunteer, side-by-side, to build affordable homes for families in Muncie, IN. The build is a time of celebrating tolerance, cooperation, and love for one’s neighbor.

Habitat for Humanity provides families with a hand-up, not a hand-out.  Partner Families work long hours of sweat equity, pay a down payment and then repay a no-profit mortgage.  A Partner Family and building site have been selected for this build.

The home that Partner Family, Sweeter, will purchase with an affordable, interest-free mortgage from Habitat for Humanity will be constructed in the Southside neighborhood.

Sweeter and her two children, daughter Jay’onna (15) and son Brandon (7) are working alongside Muncie Habitat to realize their dream of homeownership. “I have lived in Muncie all my life,” Sweeter explained. “I heard good things about Habitat, and I’ve seen their good work. I am ready to be a homeowner! It’s a new experience for me and I’m ready to put in the work to get it because it will be well worth it. I’m excited for me and my family. I’m trying to set an example for my kids and accomplish this goal so they’ll know that they can accomplish goals in their lives. A foundation and a home is just so important.”

2021 Women Build

Corresponds to map point 4

Each Habitat house is funded by several funders who provide the money to pay for the materials and sub- contracting that makes building a Habitat house possible. Sponsors are often businesses, churches, or groups of individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of partner families. Homeowner mortgage payments from previous houses also provide funds for about one house each year.

Normally, volunteers who come out to build a house may be unrelated to the sponsor who is funding the house. However, the Women Build is a special situation. In the case of Women Build, the women who volunteer their time, energy, and talents also provide half the sponsorship for the house. Each woman who participates in the build raises at least $250 to help fund the house. Working together to collect these smaller amounts, the women who volunteer are able to sponsor a portion of the house by themselves!

This year, the women will be working alongside our partner, Charles!

Some of our supporters may not know that in addition to new home builds, we also repair homes and rebuild homes on the site of homes that we cannot repair. Charles is partnering with us to rebuild a home on the same land as the home that he purchased from his father.

As a life-long community member, Charles has deep ties to the Muncie community. “I’ve lived in Muncie my entire life- in this current home,” he explained. “For 10 years I served in the United States Army and the Army Reserves, and I’ve worked with Pizza King for 35 years now. My mom and dad became very sick and I spent a lot of my time and resources taking care of them. Over the years the home started needing repairs and the costs started adding up. Eventually it would cost too much to get it repaired. I was thinking of moving out, but this place is so special to me and my family.”

Charles’ partnership with Muncie Habitat is much deeper than simply gaining a new home for himself. “Becoming a Habitat partner is exciting for me for so many reasons,” he explained. “I’m helping myself, but I also can help some other families and pick up a little handy knowledge while I put in my sweat equity hours. You’re never too old to learn!”

At the heart of Charles’ wish to rebuild on the site of his previous home, is family. “I’m the best uncle,” he said proudly. “I love my nieces and nephews. I used to have company over, but then I started doing the visiting. I’m excited to see it come back to its good days! Rebuilding this home is a way to honor my parents and it will be a legacy for them and for me. This new house will be here after I’m gone and I want to make sure the home is a good home for the neighborhood.”




Pocket Park Gets Expansion

Corresponds to map point 5

Listening to the gifts, dreams, and concerns of resident is at the root of all projects completed by partners of the 8twelve Coalition.  Improving quality of life often includes places for recreation and spaces to create sense of community.  A few years ago, a small pocket park was constructed on a vacant lot at 1621 S. Jefferson.

During a resident listening session focused on hearing from youth neighbors, complete with lots of snacks of Taco Bell, we heard how much they desired a place to play basketball.  With funding from Lowes for construction of the court and the Sherman and Marjorie Zeigler Foundation for landscape and further beatification of the park, in 2021, the pocket park expanded to an adjoining lot and now includes a half court basketball addition.

Rosebud Coffee House

Corresponds to map point 6

Since opening its doors in December 2020, Rosebud Coffee House has become a welcoming gathering place for 8twelve residents and a vibrant spot for newcomers. Located at 1805 S. Hoyt Ave., Rosebud is bringing a boost of energy to the 8twelve Coalition Neighborhood.The name Rosebud originated from owner Tiara Hick’s Grandpa.

Hicks states, “He instilled the ‘value’ of hospitality into all of us. My Grandpa always had an open door and a cup of coffee for anybody.” Hicks has been more than grateful for the support she has found within the Muncie community. She credits much of her success to Ted Baker of the Innovation Connector, Scott Underwood of Indiana Small Business Development Center, Jena Ashby of Habitat for Humanity, Bryan Ayars of Open Door Health Services, and the 8twelve Coalition.

Breathing New Life

Corresponds to map point 7

On February 24th, Ember and a small group of her family and friends gathered together, socially distanced and wearing masks, inside her newly remodeled home in the heart of the 8twelve area.

Along with Ember, her almost two-year-old son Lincoln will be calling this house a home as well. Ember has witnessed firsthand the effects that homeownership with Habitat can have on her family’s life and was excited to join. “I learned about Habitat after my sister, Autumn, became a partner family,” Ember explained. “I helped her with some of her sweat equity hours, and she really encouraged me to try to be in the program myself. I was so happy with her experience that I didn’t hesitate.”

Habitat remodeled this home for Ember, making sure it is energy-efficient and stable.

One of the main reasons families choose to partner with Muncie Habitat is to ensure that their family is living in a safe, comfortable home. Ember has experienced the effects of an inefficient home, and is excited to be in a healthier environment. “The current house that I have rented for seven years has heating in the ceiling and it is always cold in the winter,” she said. “We keep it at 77 degrees but it is so drafty. Right now, electricity is about $150. I’m excited to have an energy-efficient house!”

Ember began her homeownership journey when Lincoln was a few months old. He will have the chance to grow up in this home as long as they like.

At the heart of Ember’s homeownership journey is the drive to create a better life for herself and Lincoln. “I have worked with adults at Indiana Mentor for the last seven years,” she explained. “I really enjoy working with them and helping them achieve progress and perform everyday tasks. I would love to continue my education and be a physical therapist assistant. I started my degree, but life happens and it’s hard to save up to go to school. I hope to go back and see what we can do now.”

The excitement of becoming a homeowner and the responsibilities that come with it are exciting challenges for Ember. “The first thing I want to do in my home is go through and pray throughout the house,” she said. “My parents didn’t own a home until last year and I grew up in rentals so, in my previous home I always thought, ‘Why would I want to make it mine?’ I am so excited to make this house feel like home and decorate how I actually like! It is a stable house and beginning for my son and I.”

Ember’s journey to homeownership marked personal growth that she is excited to continue on with. “I would love to stress to people that it seems like a daunting process, but I just needed someone to give me a chance,” she explained. “No bank would have looked at me. I have built my credit through the process and it’s increased 100 points. It’s crazy! I wish people understood what a good program this is. It really is a hand up and not a handout. It is so wonderful. I am forever grateful for this opportunity. I know Lincoln can grow up in a safe house.”

Since Muncie Habitat’s inception in 1986, our supporters, volunteers, and partner families have provided new and improved housing options to more than 220 families.

Anyone who would like to become involved with Muncie Habitat is encouraged to reach out at info@munciehabitat.org! We are always looking for new volunteers, partner families, and ways to put generous funds into action for local families. ️



The Pat Botts Memorial Build

Corresponds to map point 8

In 2019, we lost a dear friend and committed Board member, Pat Botts. Pat was passionate about helping families create that legacy of peace, safety, love, and stability in owning a home. He wanted families to be able to give their children a place that they could always come back – and a place to grow, to have family dinners, Easter egg hunts, and Christmas celebrations – just like what he gave to his family.

When Pat spoke, people leaned in to listen. Pat was a connector of people and ideas. There are numerous people involved in Habitat today, because of Pat.

The MutualBank Charitable Foundation was pleased to donate $100,000 to fund a new Habitat home in honor of Pat. The dedication kick-off ceremony honored the memory of Pat, as well as the Partner family that will be moving into the home.

Brandie is a Muncie native, but in many ways, she is just starting fresh in her life here. After experiencing many difficulties that could have deterred many others, including the passing of her youngest daughter, Ashlynn, she and her three children are starting this new chapter of their lives.

“A few things in my past made me want to quit,” explained Brandie, “but I knew I wanted a better life for my children so I pushed myself. I applied twice to become a partner family, and in the past year I’ve started really thinking about my financial state. This process has made things I was leery or nervous about seem achievable. 

We currently live in an apartment and we don’t know who is next door or who has keys to our house. I’m looking forward to making friends with the neighbors and having a yard. This home will improve the health of my family and me. This is an opportunity where I can better myself.”

Pat has left a true legacy of leadership and compassion at Muncie Habitat and is deeply missed.


Jefferson St. Transformation

Corresponds to map point 10

Have you been down South Jefferson Street lately? You may notice some big changes!

Working in community development, we often remind ourselves that it is a long game – more of a marathon, or even an ultramarathon, than a sprint. Not only does a Habitat home change the lives of our partner families—it also uplifts the entire area. Our targeted efforts have added value, decreased vacancy, and brought in new families who take pride in their neighborhood.

We would also like to thank the City of Muncie for helping fund Habitat’s and ecoREHAB’s developments and demolishing unsafe houses, with funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Indiana Housing Community Development Authority, respectively.

The two homes owned on this stretch belong to Habitat Homeowners Jennifer and Cassie.

After 22 moves, Cassie and her family are finally in their forever home. On November 3rd, Cassie and her family accepted the keys to their future surrounded by many friends and family members.

“I feel settled,” she shared. “I feel relieved. There was so much work and planning that had to happen before this, and now, I’m officially a homeowner!”

“If anyone is afraid to be a homeowner you should go through Habitat,” she shared. “It’s amazing. Everyone’s hands are involved, and they pour their love and blessings into the house.”

For Cassie, being a homeowner means having the freedom to grow and share the joy of her home with others.

“I’m looking forward to painting and having family dinners and inviting friends and family over,” she said. “This house is ours and I am just so excited to make it feel like home for my family and making it our own.”

Jennifer shares many of the same sentiments as Cassie.

In July, Jennifer and her family accepted the keys to their future surrounded by many friends and family members.

“I definitely was anxious about this whole process when I first applied to partner with Habitat,” Jennifer shared. “I thought I would do this two years ago, but I didn’t know if I was going to be ready for home ownership. I’m so used to doing everything on my own and not reaching out to people. I can’t believe how many people came out and volunteered with me. It taught me to not be afraid to ask for help.”

“I’ve always rented and been able to rely on a maintenance guy if something happened,” she shared. “But as nice as that is, I paid every month towards rent and I thought, ‘I should be spending this towards my own home.’ When I got approved to partner with Habitat was the happiest day of my life. I am now so ready!”

“Being on the job site, I’m meeting different people and talking with other people who come from different backgrounds and occupations than mine,” Jennifer shared. “When we talk, I always see the things we have in common makes it easier to connect with others. When I had to talk at the Women Build kick-off event, I was so nervous to speak but I got over my fear and really enjoyed working with the ladies.”


Rocking the Block

Corresponds to map point 11

Concentrated impact is an important tenant of neighborhood revitalization.  Rock the Block, supported by a community impact grant from IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital & IU Health Foundation and matching funds from the City of Muncie, focused in the area near the Ross Community Center.  Eight homes were improved in a variety of ways including roofs, mailboxes, porches, windows, and landscaping.  Accessible sidewalks and improved walkways were also installed making it safer for residents to walk to and from their homes.

8twelve Coalition Resident Leaders help connect with neighbors to apply for this program.  Pam Harwood, Professor of Architecture at Ball State University, oversaw an immersive learning class where students connected with residents to design and complete portions of the work at each home. Students also talked with residents to learn about features they desired that would build a cohesive look in the neighborhood.  They designed mailboxes and planters in response to neighbors’ ideas.

Our sincerest thanks to our 2021 Donors! 

Donors $25,000 and up

  • Ball Brothers Foundation
  • CenterPoint Energy
  • City of Muncie
  • City of Muncie Community Development Dept.
  • George and Frances Ball Foundation
  • Lowe’s Corporation
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • General Motors
  • Hamer D. and Phyllis C. Shafer Foundation
  • Indiana Michigan Power
  • IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital & IU Health Foundation
  • Navient Employees
  • The Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware County, Inc.


  • First Merchants Bank
  • Dr. and Mrs. Donald Lane
  • Dr. and Mrs. Keith Miller
  • The Maxon Foundation Fund at The Community Foundation


  • Habitat for Humanity International
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rick Heston
  • Dr. Bill Hill
  • Northwest Bank
  • Palmetto Planters, LLC
  • The KAKATU Foundation
  • The Richard W. and Dorothy J. Burkhardt Fund


  • Bank of America Employee Giving Campaign
  • Mrs. Jane Botts
  • Ms. Linda Branam
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Briner
  • Pat Brunette
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bucholtz
  • Budget Blinds
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dave Byrum
  • Christopher and Bettie Caldwell
  • Johnnie and Mary Coffman
  • Coldwell Banker Lunsford
  • College Avenue UMC
  • Corinth United Methodist Church
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chris Crabtree
  • Laura Crampton  
  • Dave Crampton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wil Davis
  • DeSoto United Methodist Church
  • Mr. and Mrs. William C. Dilts
  • Estep Burkey Simmons, LLC
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Gill Bros. Furniture, Inc.
  • Mrs. Edward Hall
  • Hazelwood Christian Church
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Heeter
  • Mr. Jerome Henning
  • Mr. Roger Hollands
  • Ms. Aileen Howard
  • Mr. Gregory Huffman
  • Will and Kenzie Isaacs
  • Jay-Crew Landscaping, Inc.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kelly
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rick Kelly
  • Tom and Anita Kishel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kovach
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lang
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lunsford
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Manor
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mason
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Meeks
  • Midas of Muncie
  • James Mitchell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ron Moore
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jay Moorman
  • MutualBank Charitable Foundation
  • Ms. Barbara Myers
  • Old National Bank
  • Open Door Health Services
  • Ms. Tracy Osborne
  • Dr. and Mrs. Don Park
  • Phi Kappa Psi
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Prouty
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Rosema
  • Mr. and Mrs. Eric Scherrer
  • Mr. Benn H. Show
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brian Shrieve
  • Mr. and Mrs. David L. Slagle
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steve Slavin
  • Mr. Allen J. Smith
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Spisak
  • Stoops Automotive Group
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sursa
  • Target Corporation
  • The Gathering
  • University Dermatology Center, P.C.
  • Mr. Phil Vinson and Dr. Erin Vinson
  • Wealth Strategies, Inc.
  • Ms. Todd Weaver
  • White River Wealth Advisors
  • Whitinger & Company
  • Whitinger Strategic Services


  • American Mortgage Service Co.
  • Ms. Hazel A. Amos
  • Josh and Lindsey Arthur
  • Shannon and Jena Ashby
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bayer
  • Bethel Church
  • Del and Jayne Brinson
  • Ms. Cindy Bryant
  • Pastor Chris and Dr. Jennifer Bunch
  • Mr. Patrick Burkey
  • Charities Aid Foundation of America
  • Ms. Suzanne Clem
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Clemens
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Collins
  • Christopher and Kristen Cook
  • Mr. Myron Davis
  • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Denny
  • Ms. Susan Devoe
  • Ms. Sharon Ferguson
  • Mrs. Alice Fuller
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gill
  • Mr. and Mrs. David P. Gilliam
  • Mr. and Mrs. James H. Gooden
  • Jane Gortner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tony Haron
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jon Hayhurst
  • High Street United Methodist Church
  • Ms. Sherry Holtzclaw
  • Mr. and Mrs. Myron D. Hostetler
  • Dr. and Mrs. Dan House
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Huyck
  • Ms. Martha Kendrick
  • Gary and Kelli Kern
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kern
  • Ms. Ashley Kimball
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rex Kirby
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kerry LaPrees
  • Ms. Judy Kay Lee
  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry Liby
  • Mr. Jeff Mantock and Mrs. Tricia Stanley
  • Dr. and Mrs. Matt Marvel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bob Mathley
  • Mr. and Mrs. John McPherson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Mearns
  • Mrs. Beatrice Mertens
  • Mid-Eastern Indiana Assoc. of Realtors, Inc.
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Minniear
  • Ms. Amy Moudy
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Needham
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Neu
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Parsons
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Rabel
  • Raymond James & Associates
  • Mr. Jake Reams
  • Dr. and Mrs. James Rediger
  • Riverview Hospital, DBA: Bethel Pointe; Albany Health; and Parker Health & Rehabilitation Cntr.
  • Mrs. Judith Roepke
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joel Scherrer
  • Mr. and Mrs. Neil Schmottlach
  • Carol E. Seals
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gary Seidner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Scott Shockley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smitson
  • Mr. Tim Stanley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Eric Stout
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ross Swallow
  • Mr. Scott Taylor
  • The Revolution
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jerry R. Thomas
  • Mr. James Trulock
  • Dr. Paaige Turner
  • University Christian Church
  • Walls Furniture
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carl Warnes
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Warrner
  • Weathervane Properties LLC


  • Mr. and Mrs. Jason Adamowicz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jay Allardt
  • Ms. Laura Amlin
  • Mrs. Jeanne Arthur
  • Drs. Michael and Wynde Ashman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ted Baker
  • Benevity Fund
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert Byrn
  • Paul Coan and Elizabeth Pearson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Costello
  • Mr. and Mrs. Linn Crull
  • Ms. Kathy Denker
  • Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Dickey
  • Dr. and Mrs. Brandon Dickey
  • Ms. Jane Duckworth
  • The Eads Family
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dan Edwards
  • Mr. and Mrs. David B. Edwards
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jim H. Evans
  • First Baptist Church
  • First Brethren Church
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kreg Flanagan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Monte Foist
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Foster
  • Mary Foster and Tom Clark
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carl Frost
  • Mr. and Mrs. Keith Gary
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sonny McClellan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Griner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Drew Hall
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hall
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hanley
  • Gayle and Jeannine Harrold
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Haslitt
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. Hayhurst
  • Jeff and Kelly Heavilon
  • Ms. Heather Hines
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Hyatt
  • J. Demaree Construction, Inc.
  • Mr. Russell Jones
  • Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kaminsky
  • Stanley Keil
  • Ms. Rosalyn Kern
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kishel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alan Knapp
  • Ms. Aubrey Koons
  • Mr. and Mrs. Neil Kring
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tim Kuzma
  • L.J. Stone Co., Inc.
  • Mrs. Janice Largent
  • Mrs. Susan Leffler
  • Lincolnshire Place
  • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Maggart
  • Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mahon
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Maynard
  • Mr. and Ms. Jerome McKean
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dale Mendenhall
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hank Milius
  • Ms. Lauren Mims
  • Eileen and Noah Molter
  • Jim and Erin Moore
  • Ben and Amy Moulton
  • Mr. Austin Nevers
  • Mr. Jason Newman
  • Normandy Flower Shop
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brian Osner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tom Parker
  • Ms. Annette Payne
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Peirson
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Phillips
  • Prevail Prosthetics & Orthotics
  • Mrs. Jean Pursifull
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chris Quakenbush
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles David Reece
  • Mr. James Reid
  • Riverside United Methodist Church
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Ross
  • Barbara and Carl Schafer
  • Scherrer Construction
  • Mrs. Sandra Sexton
  • Dr. and Mrs. Carl R. Siler
  • The Smalstig Family
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Smith
  • Rodger and Kirsten Smith
  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry Souders
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Speece
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Spillman
  • Ms. Judy Spry
  • STAR Financial Bank
  • The Blackbaud Giving Fund
  • Mr. and Mrs. Preston Tollett
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Ulrich
  • Dr. and Mrs. C. Warren VanderHill
  • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wasson
  • Karen Wenger
  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wesley
  • Westminster Village Muncie
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald Whitaker
  • Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Williams
  • Mr. and Mrs. James R. Williams
  • Ms. Lynn Witty
  • Ms. Betty Yearling


  • Ms. Jessica Beals
  • Mr. and Mrs. Zane Bishop
  • Ms. Kristy Bost
  • Ms. Delaina Boyd
  • Ms. Sherry Brown
  • Ms. Toni Burgos
  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry Campbell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cenova
  • Ms. Breanna Daugherty
  • Ms. Staci Davis
  • Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Dollison
  • Ms. Dorothy Douglass
  • Mr. and Mrs. Don Fields
  • Aaron and Stephanie Fisher
  • Mr. and Ms. Richard Gibson
  • Ms. Heather Gigliotti
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tony Gill
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Gobble
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sonny McClellan
  • Ms. Samantha Humbert
  • Ms. Augusta Isley
  • Ms. Elizabeth S. Jones
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jay Julian
  • Ms. Jodi Lewis
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Locke
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jacob Ludwick
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chris Matchett
  • Ms. Sarah McKenzie
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McNary
  • Ms. Laura Medows
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Moore
  • Dr. Linda Pohly
  • Ms. Carolyn S. Pyle
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dan Renner
  • Ms. Cheryl Riwitis
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rick Rowray
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Polly and Paul Spengler
  • Ms. Natalie Stidd
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Stover
  • Mr. William Ulrich
  • Dr. and Mrs. Leland Wilhoite
  • Ms. Lani Wilson
  • Brad and Rhonda Wilson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wise
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chad Zaucha

Gift in Kind Donors

  • 8twelve Neighborhood Revitalization
  • Ashton Land Surveyors
  • Bone Dry Roofing
  • Byerly Tent Rental
  • Cree Lighting
  • DeFur Voran, LLP
  • Elm Street Brewing Company
  • Floodplain Consultants Incorporated
  • Habitat for Humanity International
  • Heidi J. Hale Designs LLC
  • Indiana Public Radio
  • Johns-Manville
  • Kishel Photography
  • Levolor Inc.
  • Lowe’s Home Centers, Inc.
  • Midas Automotive Service
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brian Allardt
  • Mrs. Dorica Watson
  • Rosebud Coffeehouse
  • The Hayloft Boutique
  • Whitinger Strategic Services

Memorial Donations

  • In Memory Of Richard Artes……………….Ms. Barbara Myers, Hood Life Agency
  • In Memory Of Norval Arthur……………….Mrs. Jeanne Arthur
  • In Memory Of Patrick Botts……………….Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bucholtz, Ms. Edith Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Jim H. Evans, Ms. Brandee Heeter, Mr. Scott Taylor
  • In Memory Of Ray Brassart……………….Mr. and Mrs. Don Fields
  • In Memory Of Buck Clevenger……………….Mr. and Mrs. Jerold Hilgenberg
  • In Memory Of Joan Dyce……………….Mr. and Mrs. Sonny McClellan
  • In Memory Of Michael R. Ford……………….Ms. Sarah Ford
  • In Memory Of Bob Fuller……………….Mrs. Alice Fuller
  • In Memory Of Ron Griffis……………….Mr. and Mrs. Sonny McClellan
  • In Memory Of Joe and Lydia Harris……………….John and Mary Jo Sgro
  • In Memory Of David Harting……………….Mr. and Mrs. Sonny McClellan
  • In Memory Of Jackie Hudson……………….Ms. Vicki Cooper
  • In Memory Of Ann Humm……………….Rodger Humm
  • In Memory Of Franklin Martin……………….Mr. and Mrs. Larry Crabtree
  • In Memory Of Ruby Martin……………….Mrs. Sharon Brown
  • In Memory Of J. Paul Mitchell……………….Dr. and Mrs. C. Warren VanderHill
  • In Memory Of Phyllis Nelson……………….John and Mary Jo Sgro
  • In Memory Of James R. Owens……………….Dr. and Mrs. Jacob Ludwick
  • In Memory Of Tom Parkison……………….Ms. Carolyne Ali-Khan
  • In Memory Of Larry Pursifull……………….Mrs. Jean Pursifull
  • In Memory Of Irva Lee Reams……………….Mr. and Mrs. Myron D. Hostetler, Mr. Jake Reams
  • In Memory Of Harold R. Shaw……………….Mr. and Mrs. Steve Woolard
  • In Memory Of Claudia Show……………….Mr. Benn H. Show
  • In Memory Of Judy Stepp……………….Johnnie and Mary Coffman
  • In Memory Of Norm Straight……………….Mrs. Sharon Brown
  • In Memory Of Kay Teal……………….Mr. and Mrs. Sonny McClellan
  • In Memory Of Paul Teal……………….Mr. and Mrs. Sonny McClellan
  • In Memory Of Carol Unger……………….Mr. and Mrs. Jack Urbin

Honorarium Donations

  • In Honor Of Sharon Brown……………….Mr. Jake Reams
  • In Honor Of Troy Campbell……………….Mr. Tyrus Campbell
  • In Honor Of David Heeter……………….Taylor Family Corp LLC, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Allardt, Dr. and Mrs. Steve Avila, Mrs. Jane Botts, Christopher and Bettie Caldwell, Mr. and Ms. Richard Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hanley, Ms. Brandee Heeter, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Kuphall, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lang, Mr. and Mrs. Scot Laudicina, Mr. and Mr. Tim McArdle, Mr. and Mrs. Garrett E. Sigler, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sursa
  • In Honor Of Jeff Lang……………….Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Dollison
  • In Honor Of James E. Mitchell……………….Gayle and Jeannine Harrold
  • In Honor Of Jake Reams……………….Mr. and Mrs. Myron D. Hostetler
  • In Honor Of Ralph E. and Nancy Smith……………….Mr. Jerry Smith
  • In Honor Of Sheila Spisak……………….Studio 2007 Hair Designers, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Blair, Ms. Diane J. Digman, Ms. Jane Freestone, Ms. Roni Johnson,
    Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Manis, Jon and Nancy Moll, Ms. Shirley A. Morrison, Carol E. Seals, Ms. Julie Terhune, Ms. Deborah Winkle
  • In Honor Of Charles and Claudia Sursa……………….Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Dollison

A Home for Habitat Donors

  • Susan and Jay Allardt
  • Brian and Janie Allardt
  • Ellie Jane Design by Janie Allardt
  • Mrs. Hazel Carter Amos
  • Stefan and Joan Anderson
  • Anonymous
  • Joshua and Lindsey Arthur
  • David and Joan Bahlmann
  • Doug and Jackie Bakken
  • Ball Brothers Foundation
  • Jeff and Sue Bird
  • Jane Botts
  • Ken and Peggy Briner
  • Patsy Brookey
  • Sharon Brown
  • Dom and Kim Caristi
  • CenterPoint Energy
  • City of Muncie
  • Suzanne Clem
  • Chris and Kristen Cook
  • Anthony Costello
  • Laura Crampton
  • CS Kern Inc.
  • Gary and Sarah Demaree
  • Lou Anne and Doug Denny
  • Cornelius and Mary Dollison
  • Keith and Edie Doudt
  • Ralph and Kim Dowling
  • Nancy Duckworth
  • Mark and Molly Ervin
  • Mary Foster and Tom Clark
  • Mike and Cathy Galliher
  • George and Frances Ball Foundation
  • Keith Greenwalt and Marla Templeton
  • Linda S. Gregory
  • Stan and Debbie Griner
  • Brandon Hamilton and Sara Shade Hamilton
  • Hamer D. and Phyllis C. Shafer Foundation
  • Gayle and Jeannine Harrold
  • Deb and Dave Heeter
  • Kelly and Adam Hill
  • Marchal Hudson
  • Will and Kenzie Isaacs
  • Roni Johnson
  • Mrs. Annabeth Johnson
  • Dr. Stanley Keil
  • Rick and Kristy Kelly
  • Marty Kendrick
  • Anita and Tom Kishel
  • Dr. and Mrs. Donald M. Lane
  • Beth and Jeff Lang
  • Ms. Janice Largent
  • Susan Leffler
  • Michael and Nicole Lunsford
  • Charlotte and Charlie Mason
  • Mayor Dan Ridenour
  • Geoff and Jennifer Mearns
  • Hank and Terri Milius
  • Dr. William V. Miller and Dr. Annemarie Voss  
  • James E. Mitchell
  • Lisbeth Mitchell
  • Jon and Nancy Moll
  • Muncie Redevelopment Commission
  • MutualBank Charitable Foundation
  • Barbara Myers
  • Jim and Linda Needham
  • Carol R. Nelson
  • Northwest Bank Charitable Foundation
  • Tracy Osborne
  • Don and Claire Park
  • Jerry and Jan Peirson
  • Gretchen and Ronald Prouty
  • Jake Reams
  • Dr. and Mrs. James and Joy Rediger
  • Riverside Avenue Baptist Church
  • Allison and Mike Robbins
  • Patricia Schaefer
  • Alexis and Eric Scherrer
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joel Scherrer
  • James R. Schrecongost
  • Carol E. Seals
  • Sherman and Marjorie Zeigler Foundation
  • Scott and Vicki Shockley
  • The Smalstig Family
  • James W. Smith
  • Al Smith
  • Steven and Barbara Smith
  • Brigitta Snider
  • Rich and Sheila Spisak
  • Charlie and Claudia Sursa
  • The Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County, Inc.
  • The Waldo and Louisa Beebe Family
  • Adam and Kara Unger
  • Versatile Metal Works c/o Jeremi Dobbs and Gordon Cox
  • Don and Sue Whitaker
  • Anthony and Courtney Williams