Building generational wealth encompasses more than just accumulating financial assets; it involves passing down intangible assets like values, memories, and a sense of belonging from one generation to the next. CC and her family exemplify this idea.

After living in the same rental house for 16 years, CC dreamed of owning her own home for herself and her daughter. She decided to apply to be a Habitat Homeowner. At first she didn’t qualify for the program. CC was forced to put her dream on hold due to life-altering complications from surgery. Nevertheless, she persisted and worked on improving her credit until she was finally accepted into the program!

What makes this story even more special is that the land where CC’s new house is being built has been in her family for five generations. For her mother Belinda, this is a symbol of all the family has overcome – together. Rebuilding on this land represents a new chapter in their lives, and a chance to create new memories and traditions.

Generational wealth extends beyond material possessions; it encompasses the feelings of security, pride, and belonging that come with homeownership. Through the support of her family and her unwavering faith, CC is realizing her dream of owning a home, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

Stay tuned for CC’s dedication date, scheduled for late June or early July. This home was made even more accessible to CC by a generous donation of a walk-in shower by LJ Stone! It’s worth noting that CC’s home was also selected as the 2022 Women Build home, adding an extra layer of significance to her remarkable achievement.