We celebrated CC’s home dedication.


CC’s story-

CC’s lived in the same rental property for 16 years, witnessing its gradual deterioration. The landlord’s approach to maintenance barely extended beyond the minimum requirements for passing inspections.

CC had a strong desire for a fresh start, a place that she could call her own and have full control over every aspect. Motivated by this desire, she applied to the Habitat for Humanity.. Motivated by this desire; she applied to the Habitat for Humanity program. Unfortunately, her initial application did not meet the qualifying criteria.

Undeterred, CC met with Ryan Payonk from Habitat to plan for the next application process. Despite health challenges, CC still made her dream of owning a home come true.

She dedicated herself to rebuilding her credit, and once again applied to the program. To her immense joy, she received the news that she had been granted a house. Overwhelmed with excitement, CC contacted her mother, Belinda, to share the news.

For Belinda, this news brought an overwhelming sense of relief. Witnessing her daughter’s arduous journey and its complications had been emotional. However, CC’s perseverance in realizing her dreams became a beacon of hope.

The land upon which they would build the house had been in their family for generations, and held significant importance for Belinda. It symbolized a fresh beginning, a chance to restart and rebuild their lives.

CC and Belinda were thankful for their community’s invaluable help in making their dream a reality. This experience reminded us of the importance of perseverance..