Six current partner families celebrated another milestone in their homeownership journey. In July,  Charles, Ty, Jennifer, Brandie, Cassie, and Sweeter gave their final graduation presentations for the homeownership course, led by Dorica Young-Watson.

“Many of the partner families walked in on March 23rd as strangers, believing that we would spend 12-weeks focused on how to become a homeowner – but they walked out as a family, prepared to create community, dream and build the future they want for themselves and their families,” Dorica said.

“Over the course of the last 12 weeks we have examined what it is like to be under-resourced, the cause/contributing factors leading to our current situation and safe and stable ways to get ahead. Everyone has been challenged to move beyond what they know toward examining the unknown by challenging their fears,” she further explained.

Congratulations and Thank You to everyone involved in this life-changing program! This program was made possible through generous funds donated by the AEP Foundation.