Today we have a GREAT opportunity!  The MutualBank Charitable Foundation, the same Foundation that helped fund the recent Pat Botts Memorial build, has offered to match any gift you give to Muncie Habitat, up to $1,000. But you have to act quickly: this Matching Gift Challenge expires on June 4th!

Will you take advantage of this amazing opportunity to help TWICE as many families?

When the power of your gift is DOUBLED, you can help provide:

2X the Partner Family Education Courses

2X the building materials to create a new, safe, affordable, home

2X the opportunities for local families to hear about Habitat

2X the critical home repairs, that help families continue to live in their homes

You’ll help more families, like Sweeter’s, who will be accepting the keys to their new, safe, affordable home.

Sweeter and her two children, daughter Jay’onna (15) and son Brandon (7) are working alongside Muncie Habitat to realize their dream of homeownership. “I have lived in Muncie all my life,” Sweeter explained. “I heard good things about Habitat and I’ve seen their good work. I also have a few family members who have partnered over the years so I felt like I could apply too. I wanted to reach out a year ago, but it didn’t work out then so I reached out this year. I am ready to be a homeowner! It’s a new experience for me and I’m ready to put in the work to get it because it will be well worth it. I’ve always lived in apartments and my children and I are getting older. My family needs more space and privacy. I will not look back twice. I am excited to move forward!”

Sweeter is no stranger to creating a feeling of home for others in her work. “I have worked for five years in Noblesville at a senior living home,” she said. “I am primarily in the kitchen area helping to prepare meals for the residents and then I help serve them. We make them comfortable and help them enjoy their home. Everyone wants to feel the safe feeling of home.”

Sweeter’s homeownership journey is fueled by the desire to help her family spend more time together and enjoy the little moments. “I get up for work around five o’clock in the morning and then sometimes I’m not home until late that evening,” she explained. “I’m always busy with work, so when I get free time, I’m always trying to find things to do with them while still finding time for myself.”

At the heart of Sweeter’s homeownership journey is the desire to create a better future for her family. “I’ll get to watch my kids grow up and go to college in this home. I talked to both of my kids about it and they are both excited. My daughter tries to tell me what her room is going to look like and my son is already asking about having a rock-climbing wall,” she laughed. “I’m excited for me and my family. I’m trying to set an example and accomplish this goal so they’ll know that they can accomplish goals in their lives. A foundation and a home is just so important.”

You can help more families, like Sweeter’s, so they can have a forever home too. Our Matching Gift Challenge will double the value of every dollar you give, up to $1,000, by June 4! 

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