22 Oct 2021
October 22, 2021

Congratulations Napoleon and Briana!

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Please join us in a HUGE congratulations for Napoleon and Briana who will be moving into their home Jan. 30th! As a two-adult household, they committed to volunteering 500 hours, attending education classes and saving up for the down payment in order to be ready for their new home.

The family was first introduced to Habitat’s mission when Napoleon heard about a friend who bought a Habitat home almost 20 years ago, then recently, the idea came back into their lives.

“I was at work 2 years ago and one of my coworkers just got qualified as a Habitat partner family,” Napoleon shared. “I told myself, ‘When I get my debt paid off, I’m going to apply!’ So, I called up the office and went to an informational meeting. We got excited about it from then on.”

After the initial meeting, the family focused on their current financial situation to have a better chance of qualifying for the partnership program.

“The meeting gave us the motivation we needed to pay off some debt,” Briana shared. “We currently live in a trailer that we own, but we still pay lot rent, because it’s not even our land. Right now, we have one bedroom we all sleep in. We’re just excited to have real bedrooms for the girls and have a safe home that is ours – including the property. We want something that is ours and that has value to it, and something we can really afford.”

For Napoleon and Briana, the most important part of homeownership is the gift of a stable future for their daughters.

“We want a place to raise our kids and we wanted them to have a foundation,” they shared. “A home base so they can go to one school. Home means everything. It means stability- a place we can call our own. A place we can feel safe and comfortable. A place for our kids to have constancy. We know that’s a huge thing for kids – is stability – and we’ve talked about this. Now it’s really happening!”

From building beside the Interfaith volunteers, to completing a 12-week education course, and even making ‘Thank You’ phone calls for the Dream Builders Breakfast, Napoleon and Briana have invested deeply in Habitat’s mission and in their own future story. We are so grateful for their partnership!