After months of planning and collecting event sponsorships, In April as the Covid-19 pandemic was unfolding we decided it was best to postpone our Dream Builders Breakfast.

One of the first things we did was reach out to all of our event sponsors to  inform them of our decision to cancel the event. Usually our sponsors are featured in event branding, marketing materials and other, event-based materials- which wouldn’t be happening this year. We realized that these businesses were also being impacted by Covid-19, and in the spirit of long-term partnership, we offered a refund for their sponsorship. To our amazement, every single sponsor stepped up to let us know that they wanted to continue their sponsorship, and put it to good use- in a matching gift challenge. 

Therefore with these generous donations, our sponsors have stepped up to host a special incentive- that every donation in the month of October will be met, up to $28,000. This means that up to $56,000 can be raised for a local, Muncie Home!

Each Habitat home costs about $100,000 to build, which makes this opportunity especially incredible. We are currently working on four new houses on the south side of Muncie, and every extra dollar makes a difference.

“Due to national shortages, the cost of all lumber is more expensive – we’re even seeing 80-200% increases,” explained Bob Mathly, Muncie Habitat’s Construction Director. “On top of that, most wood products are costing double a year ago. 4×4 x 8’ treated posts come to mind, they are going for as much as $25 if you can find them, compared to about $7.50-8.00 a year ago. Appliance availability is a major problem now. Whirlpool Cooperation is no longer taking orders, due to the increased need.  Historically, Whirlpool has donated an Electric Range and Refrigerator to every Habitat home in the US. Along with the changes in price, the availability of products, and paid labor availability are changing as well.”

Therefore, any amount you can contribute to this match will be incredibly helpful in securing safe, stable home for our partner families. Please, if you can, contribute today!

We’d like to extend a tremendous Thank You to our Match Challenge Sponsors: