Muncie Habitat’s Board of Directors is essential to the continuation and commitment of our mission. At the beginning of 2021, we welcomed Sheila Spisak as the new Board Chair after serving as secretary for two years and vice chair last year. We are excited to see her leadership in action and thankful for her dedication to Muncie Habitat.

Sheila first became aware of Muncie Habitat’s mission through volunteering at our build sites. “I am currently in my fifth year on the Habitat board but I was first a volunteer on building sites,” she said.  “Like a lot of people, I knew about the great work that Habitat for Humanity had been doing for several decades nationally and internationally. I became much more familiar with the equally great work of our local Habitat while serving on the board of United Way. It was from this experience and knowledge that I began thinking about being more involved with Habitat, first through volunteering and then by joining the board of directors.”

Being with the board of Muncie Habitat, Sheila has had the opportunity to witness first-hand the life changing difference that Habitat makes in the lives of our partner families and our community. “Being able to watch the transformation of an empty lot into a home for a partner family is so rewarding for me and everyone who goes on this journey,” she explained. “Seeing the homeowners put in their sweat equity hours, while also working their full-time jobs, is inspiring.  My very favorite part is attending the home dedication when the home is completed, the mortgage papers have been signed, and the keys are given to the new homeowner. They have realized their dream to create a permanent home for their family. There are always happy and joyful tears at Habitat home dedications!”

Sheila with her first Muncie Power Product Women Build team.

While working at Muncie Power Products, one of Sheila’s responsibilities was overseeing the company’s community service activities. “After learning of Habitat’s Women Build, I wanted our employees to be involved so I organized our first participation, working alongside over 20 of our female employees on two Saturdays in May 2015,” she said. “I’m proud to say that from that first Muncie Power participation, other employees picked up the mantel and continue to be involved each year in Women Build, something I’m very proud of.”

For Sheila, her community is what drives her to continue her work in philanthropy. “I grew up in Muncie and it has always been my home,” she explained. “Even when my husband and I needed to move our family for career changes, we came back often to visit my mother and brothers and their families. We moved back to Muncie over 30 years ago and have been fortunate to enjoy this community and have our children grew up here. As a Habitat board member, I have the opportunity to be part of strategy and goal setting to assure the continued success for Habitat in our community. I feel that Habitat is a vital part of Muncie and Delaware County’s continual improvement and community enhancement, and the work we do is very rewarding and fulfilling for me personally.”

Thank you Sheila, and all of our valued Board Members for your dedication to Muncie Habitat and the families we serve!