22 Nov 2022
November 22, 2022

Meet our New Partner Family: Peggy!

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Peggy and Jay work on small touch-ups around the office.

Join us in welcoming our newest partner family, Peggy! For 35 years, Peggy worked as a nurse and raised her family in Muncie. She first heard of Muncie Habitat 13 years ago through her daughter, Heidi, who has a Habitat home on 5th Street. Over the years, renting has become a financial burden on her and she decided to apply to partner with Muncie Habitat.

“With me being retired, I just can’t afford rent. This is my third time applying for the Habitat homeownership program. Over the years, I’ve worked on my finances. When I submitted my application this last time, I was hoping and praying. Ryan, the homeowner services manager,  made me feel like I was making progress and his guidance really helped me. He was kind and positive and it helped me believe it really could happen!”

Peggy shared that she feels her purpose on earth is to take care of her family, and they are the driving force behind her dream of homeownership.

“I love my family – they’re all such good grandchildren and great grandkids. I have three kids, seven grandchildren, and nine great grandchildren. My purpose in life is my family and the grandkids. I am just so excited to have a home of my own again. My grandkids are even more excited than me.”

Peggy’s granddaughter Destiny and her two kids, Eden (4) and Aidlen (3 months old), live with her currently, along with her grandsons, Caleb and Jeremy. Eden, asks her when the “Habit House” will be ready all the time.

“I love living with my big family- it doesn’t frazzle me. God has blessed me! I’m so thankful for this home so we can be together again.”

Even though the process has been a long road, she is sure that she is prepared for homeownership now, and is so thankful for the many hands that helped along the way. “I thank God for this chance! And thank God for Habitat. I am so thankful to all the people that are helping build it. I am just so blessed!”