Napoleon, who became a homeowner in January, giving his final presentation in the education course.

Muncie Habitat’s Homeownership Program is booming with the addition of four new families! There is excitement in the air as we welcome Roxanna, Sherry, Maquanna, and Paige to our homeownership program. These families will be joining the “class of 2023” alongside current families Crystal and Peggy.

The road to homeownership is not an easy one, but these families are up for the challenge! They will complete over 24 hours of homeowner education together, learning everything from home maintenance to financial planning. As they work towards their goal, they will also grow close as a group, becoming future neighbors and friends.

But that’s not all – Muncie Habitat’s Homeownership Program goes beyond education hours. Each family will complete 250 sweat equity hours, working on Habitat job sites, at Restore, and other volunteering opportunities in our office and around town. These hours can be earned with the help of family and friends, and as our families get to know each other through the program, they often lend a helping hand to the next families in line.

It’s heartwarming to see families come together and support each other on their journey to homeownership. We can’t wait to celebrate their achievements in future newsletters, so stay tuned for more updates!