23 Sep 2020
September 23, 2020

Pat Botts Memorial Home Dedication

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In 2019, we lost a dear friend and committed Board member, Pat Botts. Pat was passionate about helping families create that legacy of peace, safety, love, and stability in owning a home. He wanted families to be able to give their children a place that they could always come back – and a place to grow, to have family dinners, Easter egg hunts, and Christmas celebrations – just like what he gave to his family.

When Pat spoke, people leaned in to listen. Pat was a connector of people and ideas. There are numerous people involved in Habitat today, because of Pat.

The MutualBank Charitable Foundation was pleased to donate $100,000 to fund a new Habitat home in honor of Pat. The dedication kick-off ceremony honored the memory of Pat, as well as the Partner family that will be moving into the home.

Brandie is a Muncie native, but in many ways, she is just starting fresh in her life here. After experiencing many difficulties that could have deterred many others, including the passing of her youngest daughter, Ashlynn, she and her three children are starting this new chapter of their lives. “A few things in my past made me want to quit,” explained Brandie, “but I knew I wanted a better life for my children so I pushed myself. I applied twice to become a partner family, and in the past year I’ve started really thinking about my financial state. This process has made things I was leery or nervous about seem achievable. We currently live in an apartment and we don’t know who is next door or who has keys to our house. I’m looking forward to making friends with the neighbors and having a yard. This home will improve the health of my family and me. This is an opportunity where I can better myself.”

The Pat Botts Memorial Build will take place in the fall of 2020. Friends and family who wish to participate in the Build may contact Jaime Faulkner at Jaime.Faulkner@Northwest.com for open volunteer days and availability.

Pat has left a true legacy of leadership and compassion at Muncie Habitat and is deeply missed.