18 Nov 2021
November 18, 2021

Thank you, T&T Crew!

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Our T&T Crew is comprised of a dedicated group of volunteers with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets. T&T Crew volunteers can be found on Muncie Habitat’s construction sites every Tuesday and Thursday. These volunteers have regularly served Muncie Habitat anywhere from several months to decades. Several T&T Crew members have even participated in global mission trips, serving as volunteers at international Habitat for Humanity affiliates. The T&T Crew has generously given thousands of hours volunteering with us in 2021 alone. Their skills have been instrumental in completing our home builds. Our mission is not possible without the commitment of our regular volunteers.

Thank you, T&T Crew members:

  • Ken Arbuckle
  • Ervin (JR) Batt
  • Brandie Cook
  • George Euckert
  • T’eLar Fasal
  • Pat Freeman
  • Tom Greene
  • Mary Griffis-McClellan
  • Stan Keil
  • Dave Lindley
  • Steve Overmyer
  • Jeff Rinker
  • Tim Shipley
  • Bill Singleton
  • Eric Stout