16 Aug 2013
August 16, 2013

The Gainer Family Story

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Two years after hearing a presentation about Habitat for Humanity, Hermanda “Mandy” Gainer and her three children moved into their brand new home!

In July of 2009, members of First Presbyterian Church joined hands to help build a home for a Habitat family, Hermanda Gainer, a single mother with three children. Hermanda came to Muncie Habitat with the hope of purchasing a safe, secure home for her family. The home she had been renting had fallen into poor repair. Mandy was ready for a place of her own; a place where she wouldn’t have to wait on a landlord to make repairs.

As a longtime employee of the Youth Opportunity Center, Mandy knows all too well the importance of stability and security in the lives of children. Partnering with Habitat for Humanity allowed Mandy to provide one home for the rest of her children’s lives, one bus stop, one kitchen table to do homework at, one porch to play on, and one neighborhood to call their own-stability and security built through each of these. Quinesha, Samanda, and DeMarius have their mother to thank for her hard work, in addition to the countless volunteers who helped built their home.

Not only did First Presbyterian Church support the building of this home, but Mandy’s coworkers at YOC helped install the floor. It seemed no one wanted to miss the chance to help this lady who is full of life and laughter.