The CenterPoint Energy Foundation recently awarded $300,000 to Muncie Habitat for Humanity over the next three years in order to help serve 88 families (approximately 220 people) in Muncie, Indiana. This investment supports Muncie Habitat’s housing program, which includes the construction or rehab of entire homes for purchase by families who partner with Habitat, as well as home repairs, so that current homeowners can continue to live safely in their own homes.

“We are thrilled to have found such a great partner in the CenterPoint Energy Foundation. Their continued investment in our organization will allow us to serve more families and have a greater impact in our concentrated neighborhood revitalization area—the 8Twelve focus area,” said Lindsey Arthur, CEO of Muncie Habitat for Humanity.

Since 2003, the support of the CenterPoint Energy Foundation has been a significant asset to Habitat’s mission. In combination with generous financial support, Vectren, a CenterPoint Energy company, has also supplied teams of volunteers, and has provided consulting related to neighborhood revitalization.

Tom Moore, Vectren, a CenterPoint Energy company, Community Relations manager, believes this grant exemplifies the commitment the company has to helping create healthy communities. “The CenterPoint Energy Foundation is pleased to partner, once again, with Muncie Habitat for Humanity. The important work they do in helping families achieve their dream of living in safe, affordable, energy efficient housing, helps make Muncie a better community for all.”

Housing has been at the core of Habitat for Humanity’s mission since it began in 1976. From its inception, the concept centered on those in need of adequate shelter working side by side with volunteers to build decent, affordable houses. New homeowners’ house payments are combined with no-interest loans provided by supporters and money earned by fundraising to create “The Fund for Humanity,” which is then be used to build more homes.

Habitat has remained committed to its core tenet of providing a ‘hand up’ to low income families longing for the dream of home. Habitat’s decades of work illustrate that individuals and families thrive when they have a safe and stable home in a safe and stable community.

Muncie Habitat appreciates the example Vectren has set to the community of a business that is actively involved in the livelihood and wellbeing of its neighbors.

Thank you!