19 Aug 2021
August 19, 2021

Welcome our Newest Partner, Ty!

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Muncie Habitat has served almost 250 families in Muncie since its beginning in 1986. One of the ways that people hear about partnering with Habitat is through friends and family members. One of Habitat’s newest partner families, Ty first saw transformative power of “home” when her sister, Tywanna, partnered with Habitat 8 years ago.

“Muncie is my hometown,” Ty shared. “I have a big family and 11 siblings. My older sister has a Habitat house, and I really look up to her. I wanted to follow in her footsteps. I guess you can say she’s my role model. I remember helping her out with her sweat equity hours and thinking that someday I wanted to work towards my own home too.”

Ty has worked at Ball State for the past six years in the food service industry. When not working, she enjoys a good nap, spending Saturday breakfasts with her friends and shopping. Now, her newest endeavor has been learning more about construction at the jobsite.

“My experience at the jobsite now is better than I remember,” Ty explained. “I love working on my home and the other partner’s homes. My summer schedule is flexible, which allowed me more time at the jobsite. I’m always laughing and giggling out there with the T&T crew and Jay, the construction site manager.  They really make you feel confident in what you’re doing.”

Working towards her dream of homeownership is not new to Ty. Her current apartment, like many rental properties, has severe efficiency issues, creating staggering electricity bills and not providing sufficient hot water to take a full shower.

“I always knew that my apartment isn’t a forever home,” Ty said. “After getting denied from the Habitat program twice I prayed to God to show me if it was meant for me. I sorted my financial situation out and Ryan, the homeowner services coordinator, encouraged me to reapply. I wanted to make sure I was really ready, so I waited to apply and then waited and waited. Then I got a letter that I was accepted! After that we had an interview, and it was official – I was going to be a homeowner. My friends and my sister really encouraged me to do it. I was like, ‘it’s my turn now!’”

Looking forward, Ty has a new outlook on her life, and the direction of her future.

“Owning a home – well really purchasing a home is the most exciting part,” she shared. “I have a messy story and I was down on myself. I got really negative, thinking I’d never be able to do anything. I had to ask for help and after that I just realized how much is possible. I thank God for Habitat, I really never thought I’d be able to buy a home with a reasonable mortgage. With Habitat I know my budget and I’ll be able to pay off my house. You just have to be positive with everything that you do! Negativity gets you nowhere and positivity gets you where you want to be. This experience has been so positive for me.”