20 Sep 2021
September 20, 2021

White River Wealth Advisors Matching Gift

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White River Wealth Advisors has offered to match up to $2,500 in gifts – but you have to act quickly: this opportunity expires on October 1st!*

*Please note that Women Build Donations and AHFH Donations
will not
be included in the Matching Gift Opportunity.

$1000 covers the cost of the lumber that makes up the family home’s exterior walls.

$500 purchases the lights for the entire home, creating a bright place for family time together.

$250 buys a front door, opening up a family’s dream of home ownership with Habitat.

$100 buys an energy-efficient window, to keep the price of utilities down in the winter.

$50 buys supplies to repaint a porch, contributing to revitalizing a home and neighborhood.

$25 purchases a box of nails, the smallest but most important tool in building a stable home.

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