13 Jun 2022
June 13, 2022

Jena’s Farewell Party!

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The 8twelve Coalition was birthed out of a desire by Muncie Habitat for Humanity to more fully incorporate all tenets of Habitat’s mission to “build homes, communities, and hope.”  Neighborhood revitalization was the method Habitat determined would meet this desire.  With the support of leadership staff and the Board of Directors a lengthy neighborhood selection process ensued along with training and education for the Habitat team into community development work.

The first strategic plan for the selected target area was released in March of 2016 after months of meeting with residents and organizations connected to the neighborhoods of South Central and Thomas Park/Avondale.  The Coalition began to grow in size and impact experiencing true collective impact guided by this plan.

Muncie Habitat is thankful to have had the opportunity to envision, create, and support the 8twelve Coalition, with the strong leadership of Jena Ashby.  Jena has been at Muncie Habitat for Humanity for nearly 16 years! In her time with Habitat, she has worked in many capacities including working with homeowners, volunteers, property management/acquisition, and neighborhood revitalization.

Today this neighborhood revitalization work is reaching far beyond the confines of housing and Habitat thanks to the work of Jena. We are proud to say that later this year, it will be launching out of Muncie Habitat as a sustainable organization poised to serve South Central & Thomas Park/Avondale neighborhoods for years to come. You can learn more about this transition here! 

Join us in celebrating Jena’s past work with Muncie Habitat, and wish her success as she transitions out of Habitat and leads the 8twelve Coalition into the next chapter.